Raising Peaches

It’s  been soooo very busy at the mission (which means home!) that I haven’t been able to blog earlier. Yet, there is more than enough to blog about for weeks!

About a week back, I bought a yellow fischer love bird from a breeder. She was 3 weeks old and almost completely featherless! The breeder already had her on three feeds a day but because the consistency of the porridge that I made was too liquid-y, I fed her 4 to 5 times a day. As I got more convinced that I wasn’t going to suffocate her, I increased the thickness of her porridge. Now she’s back on three feeds and, though feathers are still few, fluff is full! She has grown so much in a week!


I named her Peaches for two reasons: 1: after the mammoth in Ice Age 3 (Continental Drift) and 2: because the color of her face and head looks peachy!

She has already learnt a few “commands” such as, “Come Peaches”-which is what I say when taking her out of the cage. “Come on, Peaches, poo”-which I say often when I hold her on my finger whenever I carry her around to prevent any mishaps on my clothes (which sometimes do happen!) And, “Are you hungry,Peaches?!”-which makes her become all perky and excited to leave her cage…

So, that’s Peaches. The most adorable and lovable creature in my possession (she’s competing with 2 passive goldfish…)!



So…that’s Peaches….there’s a lot more to blog about, like a radio staff camp, music lessons, Christmas shopping, etc., but it’s 11:54pm and I need to be up at 6:30am again, so, it’s goodnight and see you next time!


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