Jamming with Mr. J

Hi! You may remember that I mentioned we are getting professional music lessons once a week. Our teacher knows his stuff and knows how to handle us, well, the others anyway, I’m a piece of cake! 😉 He has more than a decade of experience and plays in his church as well. He plays and teaches guitar and piano and….soooooo well!

Whenever I hear him playing guitar, I get inspired. Whenever he plays piano, Michah gets inspired!

It’s only our little MK (Mission Kids) group taking lessons at the moment but I’m trying to draw my other worship group members in to take lessons as well. Mr. J gives us warm-ups, revision, we tackle a new song and then it’s some theory and we finish off with about 15 minutes of “jamming.” For the last 15 minutes, Mr. J and Michah play piano, Nadia, Eldane’ and I play guitar and all of us, including Jean sing. That’s when we turn up the volume and practice what he just preached to us!

Here’s the only snap shot I have of our lessons – will be posting more a.s.a.p.!

Musiek Lesse

If you are interesting in hearing some of our music, it will be on YouTube soon OR you can contact me on THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS and ask for the recordings! Please note, these aren’t pro recordings yet, simply recorded during practice sessions with Mr. J on my phone…but we are looking forward to professional recording as soon as our technician is up for it! Please let me know what you think of us releasing a CD….Thanks!

We have:

  1. Your Grace Finds Me
  2. Bless the Lord (10,000 Reasons)
  3. Our God is Greater
  4. Awesome God You Are
  5. You Alone Can Rescue





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