Discovering What It Means To Be Selfless – Day 1

I recently searched for verses on this specific topic and found 20-something that I took on in my bible study hours. I hope to publish as time allows. Here’s Day 1 of “Discovering what it means to be selfless.”

Let’s look at the first verse:


Let’s dissect it!

The root of selflessness, as emphasized in these specific verses in Corinthians, is love.


What is love?

Is it that feeling you get when your friends remember your birthday? Is it that feeling you get when someone gives you a

gift? It is that feeling you get when you drink a cappuccino?


Well, I suppose it’s quite clear to us that these aren’t very accurate descriptions of love. These are more accurately described as appreciative feelings and I-am-happy feelings. Those have nothing to do with true love -duh!


Love is patient, kind, doesn’t envy, doesn’t boast, humble, honouring, NOT SELF-SEEKING, long-suffering, not a keeper of wrongs, not a delighter in evil, a lover of truth, protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres.


Very different from what is often mistaken for love! In every-day life, we misuse that word so often that it has almost lost its original meaning. The Bible brings us back to this original meaning.


So, having seen that love is the root of selflessness, there are a few questions to ask ourselves:

  1. Am I self-seeking?
  2. Who do I think of first when we’re 3 in a tight squeeze?
  3. How much of my time is spent in prayer, asking for a spirit of selflessness?

Moving on to the next verse:



Here’s another gold nugget on what selflessness is – devotion.

What does devotion mean?
Is it when my friend stays my friend and mine only? Is it when I faithfully hand in my assignments?

These do seem like correct answers, don’t they? But according to the Bible, selflessness is based on devotion out of love. My friend may stay my friend only because they feel threatened or guilty if they do otherwise. Handing in my assignments may not always be done with a good attitude or done to the best of my ability. True devotion, as we witness it here, is done out of sincere, honest love. Honouring others, also, will come naturally when love abounds.

Like the first verse, this one also shows us that love is the root of selflessness.

Now it’s again time to answer a few more questions:
1. Am I devoted to God/others in what I do for them?
2. Do I honour others above myself?

As you answer all these questions, be honest with yourself and pay careful attention to the answers you get. Make a point of it to remind yourself throughout the day to be selfless.

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