First time on the rink

So after a hectic term and finally on holiday, I have A LOT to share about…my life! The first thing on my what-I-did liat is ice skating! I have never done it before because of a tremendous fear of….well, of falling…but to honor a deal I made with a friend to study together and then go skating, I was wrestled onto the ice when Jean and Nadia’s mom took us to Galleria Ice Rink. Ok, it wasn’t that bad but he’s arm was stiff for 2 days so that says something. Half of the gang could skate and the other half learnt quickly. I, on the other hand, needed a lot of “hands-on assistance” to put it mildly :). Anyway, the point is that we had some fun amidst the chaose of term 1 so that’s good…some of these pics were from a second skating venture.

Jean, Nadia, Me, Eldané, Nontsi and Michah take a selfie just before leaving

Jean, Me and Nadia pose for a pic

Me trying to keep my balance

Nontsi, Eldané and Michah

Bestfriend and I before leaving

Mix, Né and I on our second trip to the rink

Never knew skates hurt so much!

Michah, Nontsi and I

That’s it for now…coming soon is pictures from a daddy-daughter trip to Harrismith, complete with an overnight stay at the Pyramids Motel right on the highway! See you then…


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