About Shimei

Hey there! I’m Shimei Botes.

2015-07-08 11.59.40

Writing is my Passion,

Music is my Talent,

Scarves are my Obsession,

Maths is my Enemy,

Reading is my Hobby,

Teaching is my Goal,

Blogging is my Ministry, 

Witnessing is my God-Given Responsibility…


This is my brother, Ben-Joshua….

And my two younger sisters, Eldane’ and Michah.

We stay at Jivannadi Mission in Durban. We are missionaries and try our best to point people to the Savior.


These are my parents, Francois and Mientjie.

Continue reading on the following pages…..

2015-08-18 09.16.04

I also included links to my other blogs and Michah’s one blog:

Daughter of the King

Botes Family News Updates

Diet Galore

Mientjie’s Cakes Portfolio


3 thoughts on “About Shimei

  1. Ons was baie beindruk met julle besoek by ons en dit was vir ons wonderlik om met drie “Jesus” kinders te kon gesels. Ons bid vir Pappa se bediening, dat Jesus hom van krag tot krag sak neem.

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