Memory Lane

When I was in Grade 1 & 2, aunty Anita was our teacher, and we had our “lunch break” at 9 a.m.! We would all gather around in a small circle on our small chairs and share our food—some spaghetti here, some pizza there and a few pretzel sticks somewhere in the bunch…we also received “reward animals” to keep on our desks for a week. Aunty Anita made a recipe book with us in Grade 2 for our parents. I gave my mom’s famous green salad recipe along with her personalized dressing; my best fried, Christelle gave a recipe for a chocolate cake with half of the ingredients missing; two of the boys, Simeon and Ezekiel gave separate recipes for two different pizzas; another boy, Kenan, gave the recipe and directions for how to make a peanbutter-and-jam sandwich (he made this all by himself and included that in the recipe book!); and a girl, Ronelle, gave the half-of-a-recipe for Sorjee….It was so much fun and we each entered our own drawing to go with our recipe and I still have my copy of the final book! 

THOSE younger school days seem like a puff of blissfulness compared to the work and mathematical struggles that I’m encountering at the moment! But somehow, I’m happy with where the Lord has placed me and I continue to live by faith and His Principles daily…

As toddlers, a marshmallow mouse was THE treat for Michah and I. Unfortunately, there was a catch to it-Daddy has to bit off the mice’s liquorice tails for himself first and then we get the rest….


What are some of your favorite childhood memories?


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