Missions Motivation

Why I am here? Why am I a missionary? Why did I choose this life?


I am here because there’s Something Bigger driving me. I am a missionary because people need to hear about the Savior’s Love and have a chance to experience Him for themselves. I didn’t choose this life-God chose it for me! I did not choose to stay on a mission where water is often scarce, where cable theft used to be common and where people at the end of their lines come for help-God put me here!


My view on mission life is very much the same as most enthusiastic Christians-it’s exciting! I would never exchange this life for all the money in the world. Riches, power and fame mean nothing when you enter the Great Judgement Room. What matters is how many souls you bring in with you!

I love my missionary life and wish everybody could experience it to the fullest extent. The rewards are so fulfilling and knowing that you’re making a difference is amazing!


What are you doing for the Lord?


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