Our Adoption Story

From the beginning, mom and dad have always wanted to help a child in need. So, when we were serving the Lord in CPT, we tried helping the kids there, but, because they stay in difficult circumstances, they never really came through. We decided that the only way to really help a child is to adopt. We started praying about it and 30 minutes after the last adoption session, mom and dad found out they had a 5-month old boy for us! Our granny was visiting  us at that time, hoping that we’d get the baby while she’s there. The first photo that us at home saw of Ben-Joshua was the cutest you could ever get.

2013-05-30 22.43.39

The very first pic

Dad had taken a quick photo from the photo that they showed them of BJ and sent it to granny’s phone.

When we saw it, we started jumping and screaming! When mom and dad got back, all of us, except granny, who wanted to give us some family space, went to buy baby stuff.


Now, thinking back, I wish we could have had a baby shower for my mom!

We each picked out one outfit along with a few other accessories and headed home to neatly pack it for his arrival. The next day we went to fetch him. Eldane’ held him first, then Michah and then me. I took him to my parents who were waiting in another room, beaming! Their policy was that, the kids get to meet the baby before the parents do!!! We had a mini-photo session and left with OUR baby!

  Here are a few more baby pics:

BJ 1

A photographer-friend came about 2 weeks later with his family to photograph this bundle of cute-ness…

BJ 2

We love him to bits!

Since I’m a song writer, mom and dad had asked me to write a song for Ben-Jo on adoption and how we love him even though he didn’t ‘come from us.’ It talks about him being in my heart all along, even if he didn’t come from my tummy.

I’m hoping to record it as soon as my technician has the studio ready! =)

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