Discovering What It Means To Be Selfless – Day 2

Day 2 of Discovering What It Means To Be Selfless is about loving others just as I love myself and showing that by being sympathetic and like-minded in Christ. This is quite a big issue! It’s the second greatest commandment … Continue reading

Stand Firm – Archived Poem

So…I guess you could say I got caught up in ‘the poetry thing.’ Probably true. Any who, here’s one I wrote back in April of this year. Is there anybody else out there who likes writing poetry? Stand Firm Brothers and sister, stand firm! Holding fast to the teachings that we passed on to you in turn. … Continue reading

Daily Verse—April 15th

Are you in a tight spot at the moment? Have you ever been in a predicament that you have no control over? Have you been scared to death about your circumstances, relationships, friendships, terrorists, etc.? The Bible (which, by the way, is the unabridged Word of God) tells us that God is our Refuge and Strength. When we, as Christians, live according to His regulations, and stay under His “umbrella of protection,” then we are as safe as anyone could be!


If you’re still struggling to believe this, read Psalm 54 below…

Psalm 54

Save me, O God, by your name;
    vindicate me by your might.
Hear my prayer, O God;
    listen to the words of my mouth.

Arrogant foes are attacking me;
    ruthless people are trying to kill me—
    people without regard for God.[c]

Surely God is my help;
    the Lord is the one who sustains me.

Let evil recoil on those who slander me;
    in your faithfulness destroy them.

I will sacrifice a freewill offering to you;
    I will praise your name, Lord, for it is good.
You have delivered me from all my troubles,
    and my eyes have looked in triumph on my foes.

Sill doubting? Maybe you need to rededicate your life to Christ…then you’ll feel the assurance that only He can provide!

Thunder & Lightning!

We tend to look past the “large, every-day” happenings. And although we don’t get thunder and lightening every day, we still sometimes over-look it.

We had a heavy storm on Sunday evening and I tried to capture it from my front door, but couldn’t. I only got a photo that illuminates the garage door, showing the light!

“I was up in the sound room having a mini lesson with our technician when the lightening first struck. We could see the light through one of the windows in the roof and was it a sight to behold. Shouting over the thunder to hear each other, Milton realized that we would have a power cut soon. And did it happen! With another thunder and lightening bolt, our lights went out and we were left in complete darkness! It was amazing…Milton jumped into action and tried the switches and moved a table while complaining: “I didn’t even have my tea yet!”

I waited with them for a while, actually hoping to catch a lift in Milton’s light when he leaves, but it didn’t seem like he was too anxious to leave, so I tried finding my way out in the dark. I walked cautiously to where the door was supposed to be, hoping that it wasn’t open-I would then walk right out and fall down the stairs! As I reached the (closed!) door, opening it, I saw another gigantic flash of lightening! It was absolutely astounding! Just as I paused to watch with admiration this great lightening  bolt flashing like crazy before my eyes, I heard Milton shout over the thunder’s racket: “Shimei! Where’s Shimei?” He hurried to the door and found me staring at this awesome scenery. I turned to give him a look of amazement at what was happening out there, instead, he mistook that look for a fearful one and started laughing at me: “You’re scared!?” I quickly replied, in my defense, “No, but I mean, look at this!”

I hurried home and arrived half-soaking at home. Mom, Michah and Eldane’ stared questioning me about where I was in this storm! Mom had sent sms’s to Milton, aunty Premie and aunty Anita asking where I was. They all eventually replied that I wasn’t with them…Milton came to our house, and when I opened the door, said: “Oh, so they found you!” Of course, I was like *was I lost?*

Anyway, I tried taking some pictures just from my doorway, but kept missing it. Here are some of my attempts:

The darkness of night...

The darkness of night…

The illuminated version of the darkness of night!

The illuminated version of the darkness of night!