Discovering What It Means To Be Selfless – Day 2

Day 2 of Discovering What It Means To Be Selfless is about loving others just as I love myself and showing that by being sympathetic and like-minded in Christ. This is quite a big issue! It’s the second greatest commandment … Continue reading

Stand Firm – Archived Poem

So…I guess you could say I got caught up in ‘the poetry thing.’ Probably true. Any who, here’s one I wrote back in April of this year. Is there anybody else out there who likes writing poetry? Stand Firm Brothers and sister, stand firm! Holding fast to the teachings that we passed on to you in turn. … Continue reading

Plenty of Updates…. ;-)

Hey there! I’ve been soooooo very busy this last couple of weeks that blogging has been out-of-the-question! But I’m back with a ton of updates, so don’t get overwhelmed! First, an update on our two family businesses: the bakery and … Continue reading

What is a Family?

A family plays together; a family prays together.

A family weeps together; a family reaps together.

A family laughs together; a family stands together.

What is a family?

Family is having someone to love, regardless of whether or not you are related!

Fami 1

Happy 19th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

We’d like to wish Mom & Dad, who had their 19th wedding Anniversary yesterday, a blessed year ahead of them. May you grow closer to each other and closer to the Lord. 


Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for reading…

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas…

Hey there! With Mother’s Day coming up, some of those who are good at sewing could try some of these ideas. I haven’t tried them myself, but would love to have one of these designs…





Or something for the arty mom…




Or for the organized mom…



Or for the exhausted mom…


Have Fun!

~pics taken from Pinterest~